FES Business Success: The Secret Formula to Get People to Join Your FES Business

Looking for recruiting tips that can help you recruit more people into your FES business and make recruiting effortless and easy?

In the video below, discover recruiting tips that will make you irresistable to leads. You will learn a special FES recruiting formula that will help you become more attractive to leads and get others to want to join YOU.

Have you ever wondered why some people join with some people and don’t join others?

Have you ever wondered why it seems so easy for top recruiters to recruit people into their business?

Well, get ready to learn how you can recruit people more effortlessly into your business.

The key to getting more people to want to join YOU in business is to build and demonstrate your personal value.

The marketplace pays for value.

The more value you provide to the marketplace, the more money you will make.

You see this in all industries not just in the network marketing industry.

Think about some of the professionals that get paid the most money: doctors, lawyers, etc.

The higher paid doctors are surgeons, who the marketplace pays more because of the value that surgeons give (there’s huge value in being able to save someone’s life)

If leads can see your value and get value from your marketing and interaction with you, then they will join you in business.

So how do you build your value so your leads can join you in business and leave you messages like Kevin left me on Facebook?

How do you get others to see your value?

What is value?

I got you covered.

There is a special personal value formula that I teach that will help you explain this.

It is the K.S.R. personal value formula.

K.S.R. stands for knowledge, skills, and results.

Here’s how to use this formula to increase your number of reps in your business.

1) Knowledge:

To build your knowledge, you want to first invest in marketing training to learn more about marketing.

Investing in training can help you increase your knowledge and expertise about marketing and about the mlm industry.

Once you in invest in training, then share your knowledge in your marketing.

I then did a video every single day sharing what I was learning from the training and sharing the results I was getting from implementing the training.

When people see that you know more about this industry then they do, they will want to stay plugged into to you and eventually join you in business.

2) Skills.

The next thing you want to do is to increase your skills.

You want to increase your skills by implementing the training that you invested in and everyday marketing your business.

Every day, improve your ability to market your business.

Set a goal of improving in the marketing strategies that you have chosen to market your business.

Aim to get better and better each day.

Show people how you are doing your marketing strategies to demonstrate your skills.

3) Results.

The third step is sharing your results.

Once you increase your skills, you will start to get results.

You will start to get leads and when you get leads you will start to get new signups.

So, to get people to want to join you in business, you have to build and demonstrate your personal value.

You do this by increasing your knowledge, skills and results.