How to Be Successful in FES: 4 Steps to Succeed in FES

Looking for tips on how to be successful in Financial Education Services

Are you tired of struggling in FES and want to finally learn how to achieve the level of success you desire?

Get ready to discover the 4 steps I used to go from a struggling, frustrated network marketer who had given up all hope of success to now being a leader in my company and recruiting people each week into my business. 

Here are the 4 steps you need to follow if you want discover how to be successful in FES:

Step 1: Believe in Your Success

The first step to success is first believing that it is possible.

I know that this is hard to do when you have failed in the past.

So, how do you build belief?

How do you believe that you can achieve the success you want in network marketing when you have tried many things in the past and failed?

Well, one powerful way to build belief is to surround yourself with people who are succeeding.

This was hard for me to do in my previous network marketing company because so many people around me were struggling.

They struggled with recruiting people into the business and they struggled with selling our $129 health shake because people said it was too expensive.

Everywhere I looked, people in my company were complaining about not being able to sell my company’s products.

So, this lowered my belief that success was even possible.

I didn’t know that this was affecting my ability to succeed.

That was until I joined my current company and saw people who were having $500 days, sometimes $1000 days.

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I was finally surrounded by people who were succeeding and this increased my belief that success was possible for me if I did what these people did.

So, if you want to increase your belief, get around people who are successful.

Surround yourself with success stories of people who are succeeding.

Step 2: Take Massive Correct Action

It is not enough to surround yourself with successful people, but you have to do what they do, to get the results that they get.

What do successful people in network marketing do?

Income producing activities.

Here are the key income producing activities you want to do everyday if you want to get to the cash in your network marketing business:

1) Market Daily: get your business opportunity exposed to new people every single day

2) Generate Leads: collect the contact info (email, name, phone) of people who saw your marketing and wanted to learn more about your business opportunity

3) Present your business: get these leads in front of your business opportunity presentation

4) Follow Up & Collect a Decision: collect a decision from the people who saw your company’s presentation

This is it.

These are the activities that lead to the cash.

Notice what wasn’t on the list: training!!

Step 3: Get Momentum

Now, you want to consistently do the income producing activities in step 3 every single day.

This will give you momentum.

Once you do this you will start to see progress in your business.

You will be moving your business forward everyday and moving in the direction of success.

Daily, consistent, forward-movement is how to be successful in network marketing.

Step 4: Get Results

Once you consistently take the right actions every single day and get momentum, you will begin to see results.

You will start to generate leads every single day, those leads will turn into signups, and then those signups will turn into income.

These 4 steps are all you need if you want to be successful in FES.